I already know what you’re going to say

I met our son when he was barely 2. I had to have my husband translate for me at times because I wasn’t versed in the “cursive” baby talk.

I’ve been fortunate in being a part of his crazy and funny life. Once, while changing his diaper he pulled on it to be ornery only to find his poop pebbles shoot him in the forehead like BB’s.

Now that I proudly say I’ve been in his life for more than 50% of it- I’ve watched him grow and learn and slowly become a little person. Lately, he’s been doing this thing where he starts to say something, hesitates, and then continues with

“I already know what you’re going to say.”

Don’t we do that with God at times? “I want to ask your for this thing but I already know you’re going to say no!”

I struggle all the time with the purpose of prayer. If He knows what we are thinking and saying and doing why do we have to approach Him with it?! Just the other night at bedtime our son asked the same question: why do we have to pray if He already knows?

Sometimes I already know what our son wants before he asks. And usually I have my answer prepared. UNTIL he says WHY he’s asking. The MOTIVATION behind what he is asking changes my mind from time to time. God is not as concerned with what we are asking- it’s the why.

I don’t want to apply my limited human thinking to Gods awesomeness. But we were made in His likeness. I like the thought that I inherited some great traits from my Heavenly Father.

I don’t know to what extent we can change God’s mind. That gets me swirling in a cycle I’m not equipped to figure out. But Deuteronomy 9 and Exodus 32 show where God wanted to destroy the Israelites because of all the disgrace had done. But Moses said please don’t kill your people!

So whether or not we can change Gods mind He made us for a purpose. I like to think He didn’t make us to be puppets for his show. He made us because we are a part of Him and He is love. He CRAVES a relationship with us. He wants us to come to Him with our fears, concerns, celebrations, and trust. What have you neglected to give to God because you already “know” what He would say?

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  1. I’ve been going through your blog and I must say this post must’ve been for me because I’m so guilty of the “I know what You’re going to say” rubbish. I can’t imagine how God feels when I use that garbage. Thank you.

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